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ALWAYS!! CHECK the IMEI before ASKING or searching for price!!!


about this phone


Price markups

  • Any service under $10 will be
    $10 service

  • Any service $11 to $50
    Add $20

  • Any service $51 to $99
    Add $30

  • Any service $100 and up
    Add $35

Time Frame

  • Most report and check services (claim to be instant) however time frame for customers is
    24 to 48 hours

  • Most unlock services (claim to be done in 5-7 days) however time frame for customers is
    7-10 business days on everything except iPhone Unlocks!
    10-14 business days on iPhone Unlocks

    If the progress goes beyond the time frame stated on order, we will discount $1 for each additional day the process takes to complete!
    Inform customers that unlocks are based on Network Servers and the change of status of their IMEI therefore are not 100% guaranteed success, but in the event that process is not successful we will issue a full refund.  However if the process FAILED due to a change on the STATUS OF THE IMEI there will be a $25 Server usage fee and only PARTIAL REFUND will be issued!


At WOW Wireless we specialize in iPod, iPad, iPhone cellphone and tablet repair. We also will work on video game system repair. We repair cracked screens, damaged LCD screens, batteries, power buttons, charging ports and much, much more. And best of all, most of the repairs can be done on the same day and even while you wait. That's quality service that can't be beat.

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